WDW Green Business Policies

We at Weeks Dye Works strive every day to produce the finest quality and safest products for our employees, ourselves and our customers. We have completed the process of certifying our company as a true “Green Dye House.”

  • All WDW dyes are organic and environmentally safe.

  • All of our dyes are 100% biodegradable and can be discharged directly into a city's sewer system.

  • All WDW dyes are made in America.

  • All WDW dyes meet all CA, EPA and Health regulations

  • None of our dyes are listed on California's Proposition 65, nor are they carcinogenic by IARC, NTP or OSHA standards.

  • All of our dyes, yarns and fabrics contain no chlorinated solvents, phenols or phosphates or lead.

  • No formaldehydes are used to make fibers colorfast: We use "fast dyes," dye selection and a proprietary dyeing procedure to achieve colorfastness on our select yarns and fabrics. Other companies use "fixes" which include formaldehydes to make their yarns colorfast. We do not use formaldehydes in any of our dyeing procedures.

  • WDW is the first hand over-dye company to be certified a “Green Company” by American Textile Specialties.

  • WDW is the first over-dye company to meet the Greening of Technology Standards.